Building Masonry Homes

Masonry homes can be some of the most stunning and comfortable houses on the market, but as with any building they require careful planning before construction begins.

Masonry construction has been used in a variety of structures—homes, private and public buildings and historical monuments.

Having experience in the new masonry builds, consolidation and repair of masonry we are often to undertake all kind of works such us laying bricks with or without reinforcement (mesh or re-bars) pointing, re-pointing, re-facing. Fitting of restraint fixings, replacement of sealant joints, grouting of mortar joint faces, repointing of mortar joints, removal of plant growth, repair of weeps, replacement of brick, installation of a dampproof course, installation of flashing in existing walls and replacement of wall ties.

The consistently high standards offered helped us establish throughout years the best relation with our clients.

  • efficient time-management;
  • sustainable waste management;
  • best work security and safety on site

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