Demolition works involves the complete or part removal of buildings such as residential properties, industrial or commercial buildings or more complex dismantling processes where for instance the building is situated on a public highway.

Where demolition is to be undertaken, it is a mandatory requirement for the local authority to be informed (unless the demolition is exempt from control). In order to undertake a demolition it is a mandatory requirement to inform the local authority (unless the demolition is exempt from control). Our in-house team of professionally qualified as Civil Engineer, Surveying and Health and Safety personnel aimes to provide our clients with a truly comprehensive service, from initial feasibility / technical advice and budget estimation through programming, job planning, preparation of structural calculations and liaison with statutory undertakers, to final project delivery and site finishing.

Demolition / redevelopment projects frequently require the design and installation of temporary works to keep adjacent or retained structures stable, to prevent collapse of the structure being demolished or  to allow a preferred demolition method to be used safely.

We have established complex procedures to assess, plan, implement, monitor and continously improve all the construction steps. It is our main goal to develop our projects through an eco-friendly evironment policy.

These procedures usually includes:

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